Advance planning

Decide on the following:

  1. How long do you require the shuttle service to be in operation?
    Remember: The more senior guests or those with young children may need to leave earlier.
  2. How many vehicles do you require? People carriers (MPV) seat between 6 and 8 persons but larger capacity vehicles are available on request too.
    Remember: One larger vehicle for a shorter period of time or two smaller vehicles for a longer period of time.
  3. How many guests do you wish to use this shuttle service?
    Remember: The number of guests will determine your answer to (a) and (b) above.
  4. Appoint someone to be the ‘point of contact’ on the day of your wedding/civil ceremony.
    Remember: This could be the wedding planner, best man or someone else.
  5. Agree the proposed plan with the venue manager/co-ordinator and arrange for a departure time pro forma, preferably one that allows a full car load to each respective B&B/hotel, avoiding multiple drop-off locations where possible.
    Remember: This advance planning will alleviate many problems occurring on the day.

On the day

The appointed person would be required to carry out the following:

  1. Liaise with Cole Executive Hire, the venue reception staff, the shuttle service driver/s and anyone else deemed to be involved.
  2. Ensure all guests who may need transport are aware of the booking system and are reminded to add their names to the departure list (normally held at the venue reception area).
    Remember: The best man may wish to include this information in his speech.
Example of Vehicle Type on Offer: Luxury 22 Seater Mini Coach

Important Points

  1. All guests should be advised that if they fail to reserve a time slot for departure they could well find themselves stranded at the venue.
    Remember: Local taxis can be very limited late at night in some rural areas.
  2. Any guest deemed unfit to travel through excess alcohol will be refused transport on the shuttle service.
    Remember: The driver/s will have the final say in this matter (refer to our Terms and Conditions).
  3. Should the interior of the shuttle vehicle/s become fouled through misconduct of any guest making use of said shuttle service, Cole Executive Hire will be within their rights to add a ‘soil charge’ to the client’s account.
    Remember: The minimum ‘soil charge’ will be £100.00 but maybe higher at our discretion.

We hope that the above information will assist you in planning the clearance of your guests from the venue, thereby allowing you both to relax and enjoy the most important day of your lives.